Clear Quartz

Quick Facts:


Color Clear
Appearance Can be in a cluster or shaved down and cut for jewelry or decoration. Long, pointed crystals. Transparent, milky or striated and comes in all sizes.
Formation Quartz crystallizes by molten lava cooling.
Where to find it Mainly mined from Brazil or Arkansas. Sometimes even the Himalayas. You can buy quartz at a local shop or at any store if it's cut & made into jewelry.



Quartz is in fact the most powerful healing and energy amplifier crystal on Earth. Take a look at the photo above. Notice how quartz crystals are transparent. Due to its transparency, it has the ability to reflect every color within the spectrum and gives off white light. Quartz is able to release, absorb, store, and regulate energy. Since quartz is the most powerful healing crystal it can help and heal nearly anything.


Quartz acts as a deep soul cleanser. If your life or body seems unbalanced or off you can rely on quartz to re-balance. This crystal raises energy to the highest possible level when it comes to spiritual levels. Also, when meditating quartz has the ability to filter out distractions.

How is it used within society?

Quartz can be used to conserve fuel energy. It is a wonderful energy saver that is used within today’s society. The crystal can be attached to a fuel line in a car in order to reduce fuel consumption.

Quartz is the source of most of our society’s glass. Some examples consist of: windowpanes, crystal goblets, eyeglasses and cathedrals’ stained glass windows. It is also used in radios, watches and clocks.

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