Candyce Fabre

What Does Depression Mean To You?

Depression is a very dangerous mental disorder that many people struggle. It is a battle with the unknown. 

How Did You Overcome Depression And/or Self Harm? 

Although I have never suffered from Depression, I think talking to someone about what you’re feeling can help. Also, excising or practicing meditation may help.

What Advice Would You Give Someone That Is Battling With Depression And/or Self-Harm? 

I always encourage those that may be suffering from depression to talk to someone about the way they feel. I also would let them know that they are not alone. It may be helpful to go to mental health awareness events. I struggle with Anxiety Disorder and that has been very helpful for me.

What Do You Believe Are Some Problems That The Media Brings To Females That Battle With Depression And/or Self Harm? 

The media is very judgmental towards women in the way we dress, the way we look, and in the way we act. Most women do not fall exactly under society’s characterized “average woman”, which can leave many of us feeling left out, alone, and unrelated.

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