Claire Shay

What Does Depression Mean To You?

Depression is a debilitating feeling of utter despair. It can hit at any time, suddenly and without warning. Anxiety and the feeling of not being able to breath are symptoms, and when the depression hits, no happiness remains and it is as though there is nothing left of you except your worst experiences, anxiety, and your deepest fears. 

How Did You Overcome Depression And/or Self Harm? 

I was extremely lucky to have my boyfriend there at my side as I struggled through depression. The feeling of not being good enough and the fear of being alone drove my depression. I had to first identify what was causing me to feel as though there was no happiness in the world left. When I realized it was mostly driven by the despair of feeling as though I am not good enough, it became easier. Building my self-esteem, independent of my family, friends, and boyfriend, became a lifesaver. Without the grace and support of God, I would not have been able overcome it.

What Advice Would You Give Someone That Is Battling With Depression And/or Self-Harm? 

YOU ARE NOT ALONE, AND YOUR FEELINGS ARE VALID! Depression can come in any range, and you do not have to be at a certain “level” to have depression. Depression is perfectly normal, and there is NOTHING wrong with you. You are exactly as you are meant to be, and you are strong and beautiful on the inside and out. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

What Do You Believe Are Some Problems That The Media Brings To Females That Battle With Depression And/or Self Harm? 

Social media and traditional media perpetuate this idea of a perfect life, complete with the perfect body, perfect significant other, perfect house, perfect clothes, and perfect makeup. So many of us feel unable to live up to the standards of what media portrays to us, and we are constantly seeking those who are like us, who can understand. Yet, there is a part of us that also wants a role model. Social media and traditional media completely foregoes the reliability and jump into unrealistic expectations, as though expecting normal people to think that that is #goals.

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