3 Steps to Begin Loving Yourself

Self-Love is the key to many doors you may be trying to open within your life. Love stems from within. If you are unable to love yourself, you will face many challenges that can cause damage to your mental health as well as relationships.

We all know the importance of self-love, but how do you truly conquer as well as magnify the amount of love you have for yourself?

Here are 3 Steps to Begin Loving Yourself:

1. Awareness. It is crucial to realize that self-love is important. When you love yourself you are then able to FULLY love others. Being aware of the simple fact that self-love plays an important role within your life + those around you is the first and foremost step. Once you understand this, you are already on the right track.

2. Forgiveness. We are often taught to forgive others, but before we can forgive others we must forgive ourselves. If we don't--guilt, anger, and resentment will remain within us. By forgiving yourself you are able to move forward. Once you forgive you must also accept. Accept that you are not perfect, you make mistakes. When you constantly beat yourself up over many situations within life, you drain your self-love.

3. Practice + Routine. Self-love should be one of your top priorities. Making it your top priority will allow for this final step to truly pay off. Self-love is like a sport--you must practice + dedicate time to practicing, in order to become better at it. Come up with some sort of routine or ritual that you can do daily or at least every other day. Through routines, rituals, and self-care you will get to know yourself. As you begin to discover more and more about yourself naturally, you will begin to love yourself.

It's time to ask yourself: when you will begin these steps? Self-discipline is necessary when accepting any new growth into your life. You must desire to love yourself or have a reason for why you should try to love yourself.

Lets do a quick recap:

  1. Awareness  realizing the importance of self-love
  2. Forgiveness  moving forward + acceptance
  3. Practice + Routine  getting to know yourself

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