5 Mental Health Myths

Mental Health is strongly encouraged due to how wonderful it is to be mentally healthy. Your mind is where it all begins.

There are many myths behind mental health and what it "means" and "represents." Many of these myths are attached to the stigma against mental health. My project #EndTheStigma, recognizes the stigma against mental health and encourages it to be broken. Within my project there are over 15+ women that shared their story in order to break the stigma. Within those stories, you will notice many mental health myths that are heavily promoted within social media and today's society. With this being said, here are the...

5 Most Common Mental Health Myths:

  1. "You are alone"
  2. "Mental health is not important and is mainly for girls"
  3. "Depression and anxiety are just for attention"
  4. "You don't need to seek help if you're struggling with your mental health" & "Talking to people about your mental health doesn't help"
  5. "Self-Love has nothing to do with your mental health"

"You are alone"

You are NEVER alone. There is always someone willing to support and be there for you. There are also many resources such as the Suicide Hotline, and various non-profit organizations that are just one phone call or text away.

"Mental health is not important and is mainly for girls"

Mental health should certainly be one of your top priorities that you are consistently paying attention to. We all deserve to have a healthy, clear + balanced mind. Therefore, mental health is not "just for girls." Age and gender do not determine whether or not you can focus on your mental health.

"Depression and anxiety are just for attention"

This is a very common stigma placed upon mental health within society and social media. People that are depressed and have anxiety are not seeking attention. If anything, they want to get as far away from attention as possible. Depression and anxiety make you feel alone and you are more likely to seclude yourself from others when you are battling depression or anxiety. This stigma comes form those who are not depressed and truly just want attention, thus using depression or anxiety as a tool/gateway to obtain the attention they are seeking.

Please be respectful and mindful that there is always a possibility that someone is not seeking attention and truly just needs help + comfort. Always be of assistance to those who claim to be depressed or battling with anxiety because you do not always know what is truthfully going on.

"You don't need to seek help if you're struggling with your mental health" & "Talking to people about your mental health doesn't help"

If you are struggling with your mental health, it is okay to seek help. In fact, seeking help is recommended. By seeking help you are able to receive encouragement, accountability, attention + anything else that will get you on the right track towards a happy, healthy mind.

Talking to people about your mental health allows you to "vent" out your feelings + receive positive feedback. Counseling, therapy, advisement and mentorship are all great services to consider when working on your mental health. Putting feelings into words produces therapeutic effects in the brain, which is why it is necessary to talk to someone.

"Self-Love has nothing to do with your mental health"

Self-love has a lot to do with your mental health. When you are mentally healthy and happy you tend to not have a problem with self-love as a pose to those who struggle with their mental health. Self-love allows you to take more ownership of your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions, therefore improving your mental health. They both work hand in hand.

Check out my project dedicated to ending the stigma on mental health + comment which story made the biggest impact on you. Mental health matters and it should be addressed more often than it is now. Your mind is one of the most powerful and often dangerous weapons you have against yourself, always work on improving it as well as nurturing it.

Thank you all so much for being apart of this mental health movement. Be Authentic. Be Aligned. XOXO

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