Toxic Relationships

You may have read my Blog Post regarding How Perspective Can Change Your Life. I mentioned that letting go of toxic relationships is a key to having a more positive and healthy perspective.

The people you surround yourself with and allow into your bubble certainly impact your life, perspective, and happiness.

A toxic relationship is a relationship characterized by behaviors on behalf of the toxic partner that are either emotionally, physically, or mentally damaging to their significant other.

Getting rid of negative toxic relationships within your life is crucial. But, how do you pinpoint those relationships within your life?

There are many signs that can signify you are in a toxic relationship. Here are 4 hints that I personally believe identify a relationship as toxic.

  • If you're being treated less than what you deserve.
  • If you have to constantly question where your relationship stands with someone whether it is a friendship or an intimate relationship.
  • If you begin to doubt your self-worth, become depressed, or begin harming yourself due to a relationship.
  • If you are constantly draining your all to another person yet they STILL want more.

Letting go of toxic relationships is not an easy task. Meditation, affirmationsturning to the right people, and knowing your worth can all help with letting go of toxic relationships.

Don't ever cut yourself short. You are worthy of a healthy + prosperous relationship. If someone is not aligning with your goals, morals, perspective nor vision...reevaluate the relationship. Ask yourself:

  1. Am I happy around or with this person?
  2. Are they aligned with my life + path that I've set out for myself?
  3. Do they SHOW how much they care about me through actions more than words?

Reflection: How can you love yourself more today? 

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